Perfect Distractions: Enzo Siffredi in the mix for MOS

Need to get your wiggle on? Wake up those neighbours? Then grab a session with Brighton’s own wonder boy Enzo Siffredi as he delivers a sterling mix to celebrate his forthcoming gig at Ministry Of Sound on Saturday 14th November. Press play and let Enzo wet your appetite for night with Doorly & Friends with Darius Syrossian, Doorly, Doc Daneeka and the ever cute, always able Minimal … Continue reading Perfect Distractions: Enzo Siffredi in the mix for MOS

Wildblood + Queenie’s Gscene May Wonders

So we can safely say summer is almost here. Sunshine, beach, Brighton at its best. And here’s a May soundtrack to keep it so. There’s a mountain of good stuff out there that has us wiggling and smiling in the sunshine as we head towards a summer of love. From the intelligent deep grooves of Braille’s Mute Swan on Infinite Machine to the cheeky 80s retake … Continue reading Wildblood + Queenie’s Gscene May Wonders

Wildblood + Queenie’s February Wonders

Love is in the air, everywhere we look around, which can be interesting if you’re in Morrisons. But thankfully to see us through those moments of loved up madness we have a soundtrack of February wonders that will keep your heart pumping with love. First up is the melodic loveliness of Concubine and the perfectly titled album, er, Concubine on, er, Concubine. Brought to you … Continue reading Wildblood + Queenie’s February Wonders

Wildblood and Queenie’s July Wonders

July is always about the build-up. Brighton Pride is on its way and we are getting very, very excited. But whilst the deadlines and the glitter and the sequins beckon we need a little sound distraction. And so here are this month’s Wildblood and Queenie Wonders. First up are two Chris Coco offerings. Well it is summer and you can’t be all Balearic without some … Continue reading Wildblood and Queenie’s July Wonders