One in four of us suffer from mental health issues. That’s me. Yes me. (What? Didn’t my happy go lucky demeanor give it away?) And you. Well if not you then someone you know. Count up four of your mates on you fingers. 1,2,3,4. One of them will have used, does use or will use mental health services. I could go on. But the stats speak for themselves.

Brighton’s MindOut has always been there to help the 1 in 4 in the  LGBT community to deal with their mental health issues.

According to the campaign Hands Off MindOut “MindOut’s parent organisation, Mind in Brighton and Hove, has announced a restructuring plan which involves: *removing dedicated LGBT management and splitting the MindOut team* MindOut still has funds to run and there are no problems with MindOut’s present structure and performance. MindOut volunteers and service users are *implacably opposed* to this unneccesary and damaging plan.”

Gscene’s James Ledward has said “Hands Off Mind Out is a welcome campaign looking at alternative models for protecting the service, including becoming a self-governing organisation.” It needs us to support this vital LGBT service and help ensure MindOut’s future.

You can sign the petition here www.PetitionOnline.com/mindout/petition.html or join the Facebook group page called Hands off MindOut.

Progress is being made with Mind regarding MindOut’s future but your support is still vital. Because one day, be it yesterday, today or some day in the future you or someone you love may need the support of a group like MindOut.

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