Listen again Wildblood and Queenie 1BTN IWD Takeover 08.03.23

We made a radio show. A radio show a little different from the norm. A radio show for 1BTN’s International Women’s Day Takeover 2023. Celebrating the 70’s radio easy queens, punk legends, disco divas and delights who made our childhood days shine. We invited the incredible Rni Guetta from Traumfrau to talk all things Traumfrau, IWD, Film Pride and Raffaella Carrà. We made a radio … Continue reading Listen again Wildblood and Queenie 1BTN IWD Takeover 08.03.23

The Wildblood & Queenie 1BTN IWD 23 Show

Back in the day radio was the playlist we had no say in, no shuffle for, just a DJ in a world far away responsible for our listening treasures as we grew. Providing the soundtrack for long summer days, the front door wide open as we danced in the kitchen, or freezing winter nights beside frost-covered windows, listening under a duvet torch in hand, radio … Continue reading The Wildblood & Queenie 1BTN IWD 23 Show

IWD at Arcobeleno

Join us in celebrating International Women’s Day at Arcobaleno on March 8th, 2023!  Don’t miss our exciting program of thought-provoking discussions, captivating entertainment, and networking opportunities. Our distinguished panellists will engage in a round-table discussion on the theme of “Embrace Equality”, followed by some delicious light food and great tunes from Gaydio DJ Chloe Leigh and 1BTN’s Wildblood and Queenie and special guest singers.  Wrap … Continue reading IWD at Arcobeleno

1BTN IWD Takeover 2023

This International Women’s Day on 1BTN we’ll be celebrating the songstresses, radio queens and groove goddesses who provided the FM soundtrack to our childhood days. Keeping the dial divine as we salute the sounds of the 70s that kept our days easy, our night reggae, our pogo punk and our life’s destination disco. Wildblood and Queenie on 1BTN. Celebrating the women who made our radio … Continue reading 1BTN IWD Takeover 2023

Listen again: 1BTN 170223

We did a radio show. We played tunes by Ben Jamin, Falomour’s new label House Of Love, Hotmood, Alkalino, Bachbero, Spa In Disco, Tropical Disco Records, Sharon Redd, Roison Murphy, Burt Bacharach, Mortimer Snerd III, Midland, Hothouse Records, Farhan Rehan, Tonbe, Don Carlos and Maxxi Soundsystem. We danced. We talked. We indulged in a little queer auntie’s love. We celebrated 30/60. We remembered. We paid … Continue reading Listen again: 1BTN 170223

Say Their Name : Brianna Ghey

Just as they did when I was a young queer back in the 80s words have consequences. Rhetoric has consequences. Policies have consequences. Lives are lost. Families torn apart. Communities frightened. However you identify, whomever you love, it’s time to be a trans ally. 16-year-old Brianna Ghey was not the first. She sadly won’t be the last. She was the 39th trans person lost to … Continue reading Say Their Name : Brianna Ghey

1BTN – The Illustrious Blacks – Brighton Pride Parade 2022

A little flashback action to celebrate my Queenie – the baddest b**** when it comes to creating placards for the Brighton & Hove Pride – Official Pagel Community Pride Parade. Working with our 1BTN fam and the forever fierce The Illustrious Blacks to celebrate our disco saints Donna Summer, Sylvester, Carl Bean and the wonder that is Tom Moulton. I am forever amazed at what … Continue reading 1BTN – The Illustrious Blacks – Brighton Pride Parade 2022

Trans Pride Brighton 2022

Trans Pride Brighton 2022 was everything. Supporting our trans and non-binary family. Being there like they have been for us as our LGBTQI+ family fought for equality over the decades. Feeling at home with my queer neurodivergent community. Forming alliances for real change. Reunited with old friends and making new ones. Being inspired by the next generation of queers, fizzing with anger and passion determined … Continue reading Trans Pride Brighton 2022

Menopausal soul seeks Lenzetto

This is the holy grail. This is Lenzetto, an HRT spray that makes my menopausal symptoms just about manageable. No chemist in Brighton or Hove has had it in stock since April. You can find private chemists online that have it. I’ve had to order three so far (two at The Independent Pharmacy for £24.99 each plus delivery, one at for £32). I appreciate … Continue reading Menopausal soul seeks Lenzetto

Hard News Channel 4 1992 – LGBTQ+ in the media

Some headlines never change, the moral panic sliding into our lives via outraged font bashers desperate to share their bigotry and hate. The year was 1992 but the story is the same today. Hatred whipped up into coverage destined to scare and seduce. The lesbian, gay and bisexual community harangued by a right-wing press determined to use their media to maximum effect. Brighton Pride was … Continue reading Hard News Channel 4 1992 – LGBTQ+ in the media