Sharing the burden in the big society?

I’m a little cross. And other labels. Which occasionally means I come into contact with the mental health services as they try to tick boxes and deal with my long term clinical depression.

Tunes and good times don’t come on a script (my usual coping mechanism) but then neither does it seem does actual bloody treatment. Several years ago they re-jigged the mental health system – leaner, faster and of course cheaper. Long term patients no longer had access to regular check up’s – we got sent to the GP and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy became the new buzz word. Curing depression in 10 weeks. Bang.

Except it only works for your first truly serious seeking help kind of depressive episode. Anyone long term, needing long term solutions were, to put it mildly, fucked.

So what’s on offer? The voluntary and charitable sector. I’ve been told no go on the NHS – waiting lists to long, specialists to thin on the ground, trainees to slow coming forward. Instead the NHS ‘suggest’ MindOut or in the case of my latest change in circumstances, a University counselling services.

All of which will feel the cuts the Tories are bringing in as the big society looks after the bg boys. Cheers. You can’t provide the service so you send us off to charities desperately trying to survive the grant cuts and funding withdrawals. So much for everyone sharing the burden.