A New Year Resolution per minute

A certain list based post made me think. Cheers Linzi. See we have to many lists, me and my Queen. On the fridge, in my study, in our diaries. Sync, print and…….left. Longingly looked at as we distract ourself with Dr Who and disco naps. Oh to complete. Still if lists be the food of life, I’ll write on. Lusting for completion with a cheeky grin on my mush. Disco naps are finer.

But in the absence of my better half and the ultimate distraction I might as well get those 2011 resolutions published. It will always provide further distraction in the future.

2011 really should do list..maybe…possibly…eventually
1. Get new magnetic pad for fridge lists
2. Sync Queenie
3. Spoil Queenie
4. Get more James Blake stuff
5. Stop leaving essays till the last minute
6. Go to bed earlier (or later depending on the afterparty)
7. Win the Champions League
8. Visit Barca again – and rub their faces in our glorious victory. (Yeah right)
9. De-Trouse my iTunes
10. Jon the many marchers this Spring and condemn the ConDem’s
11. Buy Wii fit and lose belly
12. Do more tech and jackin’ house gigs
13. Avoid racking up those library fines
14. Go skinny on my Redroaster flat white
15. Book our Suncebeat tickets
16. Do Vintage & Pride in one weekend
17. Spend more time with the boys
18. Spend more time with the girls
19. Get QJ & Wildblood’s Majestic Radioshow online
20. Learn to swim (whilst avoiding the annual swimwear panic)
21. Defrost the freezer regularly
22. Ignore the disco dramas
23. Pickle the cues we grow
24. Start that 1000 minute thing
25. Do more nights of Floorplay