Smile likes it’s Queenie’s birthday

Just as reality starts to creep in these beauties drop. Photos of the best day with the best people taken by the best photographer. Celebrating 60 years of Queenie and 30 years of us never looked so good. Thank you to everyone who made it so. Tag away and please credit the amazing Hannah Sherlock in your shares. And if you have a few quid … Continue reading Smile likes it’s Queenie’s birthday

Listen again: The 1BTN Queenie Show

Queen Josephine’s 60th Birthday Special is now available to listen again. Which is nice. It was a good one. Filled with pop, electronica, Jack, Queue Dance, Goloka, Honey. Xi-Xi, lovers rock, reggae, house and of course disco. Lots of disco. Enjoy. The Queenie Show – 60 Years A Queen streaming now on Mixcloud and Soundcloud.Like she does. Continue reading Listen again: The 1BTN Queenie Show

60 Years a Queenie

Queen Josephine has, as we all know, been forever the shy and retiring one in Wildblood and Queenie. Never happy than when out of the limelight or away from the camera lens, it’s a rare treat to capture footage of this regal one. So here you have it – a Queenie not galloping, dancing, or making a tit of herself. A lass definitely unable to … Continue reading 60 Years a Queenie

The Queenie Show on 1BTN 280423

The Queenie Show – 60 Years Of Queen Josephine. I’ve just seen the playlist. A more joyful playlist does not exist. Join me as I stand loved up and proud next to my missus @djqueenjosephine on 1BTN this Friday as we celebrate 60 years of Queen Josephine bangers, beauties and blissed-out wonders. File Under: Pop – Reggae – Disco – Punk – House – Balearic – Lovers … Continue reading The Queenie Show on 1BTN 280423

30/60 DJs announcment

Affy Go Bang The soul who brought more sass than any other to our life’s dancefloor Go Bang’s Affy is our brother from another disco mother, bringing the divine to every DJ set we’ve shared, every wiggle we’ve had. Without Affy there is no party. He is quite simply dancefloor gold, our go to Go Bang, the Calabash legend, Block queen, Faith wonder kid, DSD’s … Continue reading 30/60 DJs announcment

Jack’s Sensational live at Brighton Top Rank 1990

Jack’s Sensational performed live at Top Rank Brighton 1990 A few words from Queenie “By the spring of 1990 Nick Goddard and I had undergone several band incarnations from the early 80s jazzy pop of Queue Dance to the indie/dance crossover of The Crisps. Eventually this led to the hi-energy bounce of Jack, seen here performing Sssensational at The Top Rank Suite in Brighton”. “The … Continue reading Jack’s Sensational live at Brighton Top Rank 1990

Wildblood and Queenie present 30/60

Join Brighton’s queerest disco dears DJs Wildblood and Queenie this Bank Holiday Sunday at Patterns for a celebration three decades in the making, a celebration for 60 years, a celebration for love. Yes, the party one autistic soul has been overthinking forever and the other trying to ignore is incoming. Finally. 30 years of us, 60 years of Queenie. 30 years ago Queenie called Kate … Continue reading Wildblood and Queenie present 30/60

The Wildblood & Queenie 1BTN IWD 23 Show

Back in the day radio was the playlist we had no say in, no shuffle for, just a DJ in a world far away responsible for our listening treasures as we grew. Providing the soundtrack for long summer days, the front door wide open as we danced in the kitchen, or freezing winter nights beside frost-covered windows, listening under a duvet torch in hand, radio … Continue reading The Wildblood & Queenie 1BTN IWD 23 Show

1BTN IWD Takeover 2023

This International Women’s Day on 1BTN we’ll be celebrating the songstresses, radio queens and groove goddesses who provided the FM soundtrack to our childhood days. Keeping the dial divine as we salute the sounds of the 70s that kept our days easy, our night reggae, our pogo punk and our life’s destination disco. Wildblood and Queenie on 1BTN. Celebrating the women who made our radio … Continue reading 1BTN IWD Takeover 2023