Patience is a virtue…7 days with Radiohead’s The King Of Limbs

I’m a dark sod that doesn’t do horror, a Smiths fan that likes the sunshine, a cynic that clings onto hope. And I’m a Radiohead fan. Of course I am. From the moment Yorke sang Creep to me (and only to me) I was hooked. I find nothing more uplifting than a time spent with Karma Police or No Surprises. Paranoid Android has always been an almost spiritual thing for me. When that seretonin of mine falls like a drop scone nothing butters up my soul than “when I am King you will be the first against the wall, with your opinon which is of no consequence at all.’

Pauses whilst I have a quick listen to Paranoid Android again. 6.39 minutes later. Back in the room.

Where was I? Oh yeah, Radiohead. This time last week and the web was alive with hassled journos and bloggers miffed with the early release of The Kings Of Limbs, no doubt unhelped by copy deadline screaming editors. I resisted snap judgement. I lived with the Limbs. Seven days later and I’m in love. I understand the first listen wobble. I had it too. But now.. Now all is well in my Radiohead. It’s work of steadiness. A work of curveballs. Twisting the soundwaves to see where you are at. Is this the Radiohead you wanted, expected, desired.? God loves his children, especially those Radiohead children and if patience is a virtue and you’ve spent time with Thom and the boys you’ll be quietly contented.

Bloom is 21st century experimental jazz, twisted guitars and all, whilst Morning Mr Magpie‘s frantic strum insists on your attention, almost U2 in its pace, missing only The Edge’s distinctive bass to complete its transformation. Little By Little hits classic Radiohead terrority running, the joy to found in that singing guitar and Yorke’s ache fuelled vocal. Feral sees the electronica roll in, a parred back, stripped back kinda loose acoustic-like dubstep with traditional rock bass if such a thing is possible. It makes for interesting iPod walking. Lotus Flower is, well, Lotus Flower. A headphoned me almost busted some grooves at a St James Street bus stop this week. The kinda of groove many will miss, Lotus Flower makes me wanna dance. Like The Birthday Party on a heavy Hairshirt bass day there a funk in here. Honest. I find yet more to dance for with Separator. If Radiohead can be cute, if a bassline can chat you up, this is the tune. As for Codex and Give Up The Ghost? Listen and weep. Words fail me. Beauty is all there is.

So there you have it. Seven days with The King Of Limbs and I’m smitten. It took alot to take my attention away from Hercules and Love Affair’s Blue Songs and the much hyped James Blake. But Radiohead did it. The neighbours may not be too chuffed with my newest object of affection but I am. Radiohead you make my drop scone soar. if you know what I mean.