The TRR Social 08.04.23

Keeping it local with an eye on the global, Trusted Rhythm Records are a beaut of a collective of sound hearts and sounder minds. A Brighton-based independent label that forever delivers the good stuff, The TRR Social is that kinda kick off your shoes and dance nights, destined to bring the passion of their label curators Lee Garrett and brothers David and James Morpeth to … Continue reading The TRR Social 08.04.23

Gem’s Wholesome Kitchen – one recipe at a time

My autistic soul has always had issues with food. Unbearable textures, school dinner halls, repetitive meals, misophonia issues, trigger foods bringing pain and inflammation. Sticking to a new plan when I don’t like change is never easy with ASD/ADHD. Doing things right. Eating well. Falling in love with cooking.I needed some gentle persuasion. I needed change. Little did I know I needed @gemswholesomekitchen Nourishing, delicious, and never … Continue reading Gem’s Wholesome Kitchen – one recipe at a time

Wildblood and Queenie present 30/60

SAVE THE DATE Sunday 30th April 2023 A Bank Holiday Sunday Seaside Special don’t you know! 30/6030 years together60 years a queen Join us as we celebrate that thing we call love. Thirty years of love and 60 years of Queenie. That calls for a disco. See you at the front. DJ line-up TBA but it’s already looking  Fundraising for The Ledward Centre & … … Continue reading Wildblood and Queenie present 30/60

December ho-ho homo disco

And so we continue. Jingling our bells throughout December at a disco near you. Supporting NYE heroes and heroines at Patterns, partying with our queer fam at Traumfrau, keeping brunch bottomless and festive every Saturday, the 1BTN airwaves regal and our Brighton Beach House sessions Santa sassy. See you at the front. For more info do the link in the (Xmas) tree thing. Grins by … Continue reading December ho-ho homo disco

A 1992 Record Box

Found my first DJ record box in the loft today. 1992 and all that. An old typewriter box my few precious 12” just about squeezed into. Remember taking it with me to play at my first Brighton Pride gig – providing a soundtrack for a bar on Preston Park. Playing disco to one queer and their dog when my DJ heroine Vicky Edwards from Venus … Continue reading A 1992 Record Box

Menopausal soul seeks Lenzetto

This is the holy grail. This is Lenzetto, an HRT spray that makes my menopausal symptoms just about manageable. No chemist in Brighton or Hove has had it in stock since April. You can find private chemists online that have it. I’ve had to order three so far (two at The Independent Pharmacy for £24.99 each plus delivery, one at for £32). I appreciate … Continue reading Menopausal soul seeks Lenzetto

Ban All Conversion Therapy Now

Look over there everyone! Forget partygate, the Tories corrupt handling of the Covid pandemic, the stealth privatisation of the NHS or the cost of living crisis, we have a new national focus. A new moral panic. The gender wars. Fought on the front line in bathrooms and on sports fields near you. A shameless vote grabbing bigot-fuelled headline creator that only harms the trans community. … Continue reading Ban All Conversion Therapy Now