Mixes to make you go mmmm……. Pablo Contraband & Maxxi Soundsystem

Everybody needs a mix to lean on as some pop combo once sang. And so it is this month with Messers Pablo Contraband and Maxxi Soundsystem. Each have delivered a right spring wonder. Pablo earns further Wildblood respect as he delves into Wolf Music, the deeper side of Crosstown Rebels and one my my current must-plays Deniz Kurtzel (God that girl is goooood!). Maxxi Soundsystem continue to raise my bushy eyebrows with their wonderful tech meets disco gets soul touched venture, if you know what I mean. The things they do with Stevie Wonder and Superstition had me grinning for weeks. Both are mixes hardwired into my soundsystem at the moment, ensuring the neighbours curse the open window warm weather whilst my fellow bus commuters gaze and giggle at my morning butt shake. You get my drift. I’m loving it.

Pablo Contraband Spring Mix Part 1

Catch Pablo at Disco Deviant Monthly – Above Audio w/ Ben Monk on 08.04.11

Maxxi Soundsystem MARCH11 DJ Mix