If you go down to the B&B today…Berlin 06.04.11

Universal Music Headquarters, BerlinHow to describe Berlin day one? I could go with the definition provided by the Dane staying in our lovely Bear B&B “I’m here for 6 days sex party. I tired now”, or by the welcome provided by Babour, the B&B’s lovely Spanish Water dog, determined to cuddle Jo for eternity. I could go with the wow factor of the historical landmarks we zoomed in on during our landmark day at Brandensburg Gate / Checkpoint Charle / Reichstag Gate / Berlin Wall, our focus insisted upon by the history of this place or I could speak of the balanced reverance and silent beauty of the Holocaust memorial, whose unexpected power moved me with the kind of grace I never thought possible from 2,700 concrete blocks. Whatever I choose, and I think that’s what I love about this place already, there is so much here. The welcome warm, Berlin’s cityscape sparks the brain like none I’ve seen before. Each street or plaza brings a architectural treasure, Prussian, Baroque, Soviet or modern that means you find yourself marvelling at almost every train station, department store or apartment block. But then when you find your self salivating over our 18th Century B&B’s revivalist wood burner you know your in trouble.

I can’t get enough. Thankfully that was only day one.