Desert Island DJ – Linzi LoHands

Just what makes your DJ tick? What tunes did those headphone-wearing lovelies listen to way back when? Here at GScene we thought it was time to find out. Hence the desert island. No palm trees, just decent tunes. And this month’s desert disco darling? The ever bouncy, ever refreshing Linzi LoHands.

1. Fleetwood Mac – Silver Springs – Reprise

Saying that I’m a fan of Fleetwood Mac would be an understatement. Silver Springs, in my opinion, is Stevie Nicks at her songwriting best and the genuine sadness in her vocal towards the end of the track gives me shivers every time. It is a masterpiece.

2. UB40 – The Way You Do The Things You Do – Virgin

My love for DJing is down to my uncle, a massive UB40 fan, who started in his early twenties as a . classic wedding and parties DJ with hired disco balls and flashing lights but still, he was pretty much my musical hero.
3. Justice vs. Simian – We Are Your Friends (Original Mix) – Ten Records

This song dropped in probably the best period of my life. I’d graduated university, had the best group of friends in the world and just started DJing. My first DJ residency had began at Unit 22 in Southampton and this song was the soundtrack to many, many messy weekends.
4. Basement Jaxx – Romeo – Astralwerks

Everything about this tune screams good times, dancefloors and any other fun connotations you can think of. But then with Basement Jaxx, the most instantly recognisable dance producers of our time, this is no surprise.

5. Chicane – No Ordinary Morning – Xtravaganza Recordings
One of the most beautiful yet haunting chill out dance tracks. Tracy Ackerman’s whispered vocals around the halfway point move me every time I hear it.

6. Shola Ama – Imagine (Asylum Remix) – Freakstreet

This UK Garage track is always the first to enter my mind when asked about my favourite songs. It slips so easily into pretty much any set and guarantees your dancefloor to double every single time.

7. Fake Blood – Mars – Cheap Thrills

Back in 2008 Fake Blood was without question my top played dance artist and if you went out at all that year I doubt you managed to find a decent club that didn’t play it at least once a night. Three years on, it’s still a favourite of mine and that (queue voice mimic) “MARS” drop will always pull me towards the dancefloor.

8. Human Resource – Dominator (Herve Remix)- R&S Records
With dance music nothing makes me happier than a heavy bassline and a repetitive vocal sample. My favourite sets are the ones that allow me to drop bassline and when they come up this track always makes my setlist.
9. Daft Punk – Digital Love – Virgin
This song is absolutely timeless. It still sounds as fresh as the day I bought it. I can honestly say that Daft Punk changed my musical taste forever and I probably wouldn’t be playing dance music if it wasn’t for them.

10. Gyptian – Hold Yuh (Major Lazer Remix) – VP Records / Ministry of Sound

Certain songs hit me with a deep infatuation on first listen, I obsess for a few weeks or months, play them in the majority of sets at that time and then they fall off my radar. Others however, give me that same infatuation at the start, but then hang on in there like a fiercely determined ex that you can’t get rid of. This track is the latter.

Catch LoHands at Get Some Brighton, Every Thursday (Charles St) and Get Some Southampton, Every Friday (The Edge).


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