Together with my Nan. A blatant emotional plug for Together Fundraiser 29.05.11 Above Audio Brighton

My Nan. Sat on a deckchair by a flowery bush. And yes I appreciate the resemblance.
Cooo-eeeh she would shout down Connaught Avenue, shirt hitched above the knees, petticoat showing, John Player hanging out of mouth, handbag precariously hanging off her best but if better days woollen coat. My Nan – Lucy. Retired pub landlady, cleaner, lover of ham and egg suppers and late night snooker on the telly. My Nan. Lost to cancer, way too young and way too soon. She would of loved my missus and I would of loved those tales I tell of my Nan to have come directly from her cockney mouth. But those fags or those genes got the better of her and she never made it past my 21st.

Its an understatement to say cancer is a right bugger. Cos it is. Too many people taken way too soon, too many families living with its destructive impact. But charities such as Cancer Research UK are working hard to ensure its not just Daily Mail dubious headline claims of latest cures that are fighting this bastard of a disease. Which is why when a certain Chris Taylor calls I, like so many other Brighton DJs, drop what their doing and play for nowt at his latest Cancer Research UK fundraiser. The nights are called Together. The amount of money he’s raised has been amazing and the next one is this Sunday at Above Audio from 3pm. Queenie and I will be there. May I suggest you join us and we’ll do this Together.

More info. *It being a Bank Holiday feel free to replace any descriptive words to do with sunshine with rain / chilly wind. Sod just wear a cardi!

If you’ve ever been to a Together party before, you’ll know what to expect. If not (or for those of you that can’t remember due to one too many sambuca’s!), expect:

1 – More DJ’s than you’ve ever seen at one event, often all playing at the same time!
2 – A friendly, approachable group of people
3 – To be asked for a few pennies for Cancer Research UK. All of our events are non-profit, and we always raise money for the charity. We’ve raised over £7,000 in the last 3 years.

DJ’s playing in the sun(?) include:
Arkadiusz Koper b2b Discoboy
Michael Denney b2b Sam Vining
Lidia De Luca b2b Andy Steinecke
Kate Wildblood b2b Queen Josephine
Russell Ruckman
Jason Pepperell
Loop De Ville

So come down, eat a burger, do a shot or two, have a little dance and a sunbathe and enjoy the Bank Holiday with your friends.

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