Desert Island Disco: Dj DouGuim: Gscene May 2011

What makes your DJ tick? What tunes did those headphone wearing lovelies listen to way back when? Here at Gscene we thought it was time to find out. Hence the desert island. No palm trees, just decent tunes. earlier this month Her Majesty Queen Josephine caught up with the drop dead gorgeous DJ DouGuim to discover just waht makes him shake his bits. Nice.

1. SYKE N SUGERSTARR ‘So Alive’ (Tito & Slider Remix) Versuz Essentials
This song always drives me crazy, I love the lyrics and the beat is just incredible!
2. KATY PERRY ‘Firework’ Capitol Records
This is a great pop track aimed directly at lifting self esteem and making every listener feel good, including myself!
This track sounds to me like a complete song with powerful beat, intense lyrics and a flowing voice.
4. ANTOINE CLAMARAN ‘Stick Shift’ (Mico Club Remix) Ambassade Records
This song has just been released but I loved it from the first time I heard it. Stick Shift will definitely be a big floorfiller!
5. NICOLA FASANO & SPLASHFUNK ‘Shosholoza’ (Hard Rock Sofa Dub Mix) Jolly Roger
It’s all about this song’s beats, very dancey and uplifting.
6. TIKARO, J. LOUIS & FERRAN ‘Shine On Me’ Gusto Records
This song is one of my favourite tunes of all time. I had started to go clubbing when it was released and it brings back great memories.
7. DELIRIUM ‘Silence’ (David Esse & Antoine Clamaran Remix) Fortune Recordings
I quite like melodic lyrics and this remix by Clamaran is the best so far!
8. ANTRANIG ‘Won’t Stop’ Rocking Sondos
Antranig is a totally unique DJ and I love all his tracks but this one is my favourite.
9. MENINI & VIANI ‘Kick The Groove’ Loudbit
There’s a part of me that adores Tribal House, especially with that Spanish raw beat, and this song is a perfect example.
10. FATA Feat. MAR SHINE ‘This Is The One’ White Label
This track is really catchy, vibrant and fresh.

Catch DJ DouGuim in London at Ku Bar (Citrus every Monday), Beyond @ AREA (every Sunday morning) and the Wild Fruit Rio Pool Party at The Honeyclub, Brighton 28.05.11