Where the people look good and the music is loud. Remembering Martin Rushent

I should be writing an essay. I’m nearly there – 3000 outta 5000 but I’m being distracted. Another soul departed, another genius gone and I’m beginning to worry. Is this what getting old is all about? The best shuffling off and you left hitting play to remember. Today it’s Martin Rushent who’s left us. Way too young, way too early and responsible for way too many good tunes. Tunes that have have too many memories. My first gatefold, the desire for that haircut, scrawling my name on Dare so my copy won’t get nicked when I took it to the school disco for the DJ to play. The obligatory ‘turn that racket down’ yell that accompanied his beats as I tried to have a disco in our front room courtesy of my Ma’s Wharfdale turntable.

But before I get a chance to get too nostalgic Annie Nightingale comes along and reminds me of the future, of the soundtracks to come courtesy of Art Department, Dj W!Ld, Lady Blacktronika, Todd Terje or Maxxi Soundsystem. And then everything’s okay. We’ll keep moving on and the tunes will keep on coming. Reworked, remixed, re-imagined or just brand new. I may be getting older but as a certain Miss Nightingale put it ‎”I may get too old to remember peoples names but I will never forget the name of tune, where I heard it and how it made me feel”.

With old music I learn, in new music I trust.