My ultimate Pride tune – an endless joy

I’m compiling a list. A Dj’s list. The ultimate Pride tune. Ten of the beauties. I’m contacting every DJing soul I can think of who will be doing their thing over Brighton Pride weekend; be it house, indie, r’n’b, dubstep, grime, tech, disco or electronica and asking them to name one tune. The tune. The one that delivers goosebumps, the one that makes you grin wider than a cheshire cat in la-la land. And the replies are fuelled with passion. Seems we all have that one tune.

Or do we? I for one am finding it hard pinning down the Pride. For me there are many and they cover every base and every kind of bassline. The politics of Carl Bean’s Born This Way, the tub thumping of Tom Robinson’s Glad To Be Gay, the ironic bliss that was Queenie playing Let The Sunshine In in a particulary rain soaked Wild Fruit tent or the sheer thrill of Duffie dropping Underworld’s Born Slippy. The cheek of that Jackson 5 bootie as Seamus stood by or the heavenly response of the Candy Bar tent when the choir kicked in on Madonna’s Like A Prayer. The nerves of Nathan Haines’ Earth Is a Place, the terrace tingle provided by Prok and Fitch as they smashed Audio with Something Good, Richard ensuring I had Love On My Mind or Tori on the sax as Bodyswerve did its damage.

The essense of all that is wonderful about the buggers of Brighton that I love so dearly as they danced and pranced to a filthy version of Donna Summer’s I Feel Love come 7am one Monday morning and the anticipation of a weekend of wonders as Bah Samba’s Live In The Summer soundtracked our Pride preparations. And of course the Sunday Sundae terrace classics that are Fade, Love Is In The Air and All Night Long. Never has a singalong felt so fine.

Oh Pride, the soundtracks you bring me. The tunes may prompt the memories but its the people standing and dancing next to me that make it Pride. So no I’m no closer to choosing my ultimate Pride tune, but as the DJ’s keep their choices coming in I’m sure of one thing. The excitement is building and the Pride I love to feel is almost with us again. I sure am Feelin’ Love.

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