Gary Speed

Today on Facebook, somebody responded to Gary Speed’s untimely death by questioning him how he could do it to his family. Now I expected to be angry at the jokes but the anger I felt to this response to his death got to me. The whole reasoning behind suicide is you lose all ability to reason. You don’t think about anyone else anymore because you simply can’t feel anything anymore. Even the word depression doesn’t cover it because you don’t feel depressed, you just don’t feel anything. You just want the pain to stop.

Sadly too many of us have had those moments of feeling nothing, but thankfully, somehow we’ve made it through. For me it was a moment thinking of the future, knowing the daffs I’d planted were about to bloom, wanting to witness the next adventure of the kids I know in my life, a tune that saved the day and of course like so many of us out there the endless patience and kindness of a loved one. Things that somehow give you a faint sign that it is worth fighting till another day.

It appears Gary Speed had lost that fight and it is a tragedy for his family and friends that this has happened. I can only hope that that something good can come from this. As I write Radio 5 Live is full of listeners (mainly male footie fans) calling in to express their shock at the news and I can only hope that their disbelief will turn into an understanding of the threat to life mental health can really be. Lets mourn his loss, take this issue as seriously as it needs to be taken and help give hope to that someone, anyone adrift from hope uses to leave us too soon. Its time to take mental health issues as seriously as we do any other life threatening illness and make a change.