Keep it local with Black Key Records and Jonny Cade’s ‘Groß Vater EP’

I like it local. I always have and so when Richard Harmer Esq. let me know of his new label Black Key Records I had to sneak a peek. And I wasn’t disappointed. Right proper tunes with a groove instilled in its glorious centre, Black Key have continued to impress me with each release. Their latest by Jonny Cade is really rather special. The ‘Groß Vater EP’ delivers a slice of deep tech fuelled house that captures perfectly the magic of this up and coming producer and DJ. I saw Jonny DJ at Disco Deviant recently and I left with a warm glow in my heart as he added a soulful feel to the layers of tech house he expertly delivered to the delighted dancefloor. Its just good stuff and Black Key Records are more than worthy of your attention.

Grab a slice on Juno Records here and make your day. It made mine.

Jonny Cade ‘Groß Vater EP’ (inc Ethyl remix)
Black Key Records BKR001

1. Vertigoed
2. Vertigoed (Ethyl remix)
3. Platipussy
Jonny Cade’s ‘Groß Vater EP’ on Black Key Records is out now on vinyl (yum) and digital.