Two sides to Brighton courtesy of Caleb Yule and Sam Hiscox

Brighton is a Paradise. Sam Hiscox for Vice Magazine, 2012.

Brighton is a Paradise. Sam Hiscox for Vice Magazine, 2012.

For me the moment I love Brighton the best is on a hot summer day, haze coming off the tarmac as we drive along the seafront, windows down, tunes blaring. You know what I mean. Of course I’m omitting to mention the traffic jams, the eyesore that is the Odeon, nutters leaping out in front of the car, my lack of a suitably tanned and pert bod and the fact we’re driving a claret coloured Fiesta thats seen better days.

But thats why I love Brighton. Sun fused daydreams on one hand, grime and warped reality on the other. And this week two online wonders captured both sides of the city that I love with perfection.

First up Caleb Yule’s still take on life in Brighton that’ll make you homesick even if you’ve never set foot in the place. It reiterates my feeling that we should never write off the youth of this nation as they are as sound as we ever were if not more so. Caleb I salute you.

This is Brighton from Caleb Yule on Vimeo.

And then there’s Brighton is a Paradise by Sam Hiscox for Vice Magazine. Never has one photographer had to witness such scenes of depravity as dear Sam. Long may he continue. They are fabulous.

Brighton, Brighton, so good it delivers twice.