Remembering wash day with Whitney

It consisted of one stand alone spin dryer, a bunch of coins for the meter and a sweet gay lad called Mark. Wash day with Whitney in a kitchen in Guildford. Smalls thrown in the air with every ‘Ohhhh I wanna dance with somebody’, a much needed lesson in camp for an Essex dyke, heavy with political intentions but light on gay sensibilities. Whitney, like so many divas introduced to be in that Guildfuld house, ensured a part of me would always be homo happy. My dancing partner may have changed and the washing machine may be a little more hi-tech but a boogie in the kitchen to a Whitney tune is still a must do wiggle in my life. Mark and I Wanna Dance With SomeBody, Queenie and if you feel good put one hand in the air Million Dollar Bill. For both I have to say thank you Whitney. You brought a grin into my kitchen dancing days and I’ll always shake a gay thing for ya.