Putting the proud back into Brighton Pride

I’ve got my Pride back. We’ve got our Pride back. I’m not gonna waste my breath on told ya’s or what if’s and why the fucks? I’m thinking ahead, not backwards. And I’m celebrating the fact that Brighton Pride has been reclaimed for the community. That the essence of Brighton Pride, there since its tentative beginnings on The Level, since us few passionate souls marched rather than paraded through the city, is central once more to a weekend of celebrations.

Brighton Pride should always be about the queers that live here, 365 days a year, raising awareness and much needed funds for LGBT charities we will or have relied on to get us through life’s tougher moments. Pride is a moment of joy this city should celebrate way after the streets have been cleared and the parties are over. Pride should always be a celebration with substance, one we will continue to need no matter how equal we become.

And Pride is about generating that tingle, that thrill of excitement as you witness the city you love shouting loud and proud ‘we’re here, we’re queer and we’re so turning up the volume’. Be it with basslines, chants or singalongs, come the 1st of September I intend to shout loud and proud and grin from ear to ear. Brighton we have our Pride back. Lets make it the celebration we deserve, supporting each and every soul involved in making it happen so we can once again truly support and celebrate this fabulous queer city of ours.

I will so see you at the front.

Brighton & Hove Pride 1st & 2nd September 2012
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