Perfect Distractions: Alexis Raphael ‘Into The Light’ Hot Creations

‘I’m in love with you, want you to love me too’. I’m in love with Alexis, want him to love me too. Cos if he loves like he makes tunes there has to be some seriously happy lovers out there. ‘Into The Light’ is everything I love about the slo-burn of underground house right now. Subtle yet sensational, longing yet fulfilling, its the genre thats easy to fall for. Vocal snippets, haunting FX and assured synths insist on your attention as this beloved label delivers yet another corker. Nothing drops me into a better place than the drop within ‘Into The Light’. Its a peardrop of tune. Suck it to see just how good.

Alexis Raphael ‘Into The Light’ Hot Creations (HOTC019)
Release Date: Monday April 23rd, 2012