Donna Summer: A disco dear too soon departed

Our neighbours are mourning. For the peace they once had. Since the news broke last week me and the missus have been keeping it Summer. Donna Summer. Our queen disco, so sorely missed. It seems like we all have a I Feel Love story. Coming out, going out, the first kiss, the first 12 inch, the first disco. Gay, gay, gay. No matter what may have been she is and that tune is everything I love about being a queer. From the first futurist drone to the synth rhythm to that simpliest of lyrics. Its perfection in vinyl form. Perfection of the Moroder kind that still rocks any dancefloor you dare to spin it onto. Late night Rebelious ones, sundrenched Sundae ones, proud as fuck park ones.

I Feel Love. Like the diva herself, exquiste, inspiring and ours. Donna Summer, a disco dear too soon departed.

Grab a fine, fine Donna Summer tribute courtesy of Horse Meat Disco

Catch DJs Wildblood, Queen Josephine, Affy & Ali Go Bag and Pete Haywood playing a discotastic tribute to Donna at Danceteria Sunday 3rd June, The Font, Brighton