We can’t get no education: Access to education for adult learners denied

Seems its not only the young that Cameron and Co have in their sights. When I was 11 I passed my 11+ but grammar school was never on the cards, the transport and uniform costs to much for my one parent family. An opportunity lost. Secondary school and me didn’t really mix too well, too odd, too ill, too different. I fell behind. I was labeled and university was a no-no for an apparent ‘dunce’ like me. Sod my dreams of studying English. But eventually, twenty or so years down the line I got my chance of a real education and thanks to an access course at my local college and the Adult learners Fund I had the means to make my way into uni.

It’s a been a life changer. Keeping me sane, giving me purpose and hope of a better future. A future the ConDems wanna rob any potential adult learners as they announce plans to ditch Access to Learning funding, replacing it with yet more education loans. With the number of mature students already decreasing because of the student loan system and this new funding change making it impossible for those with bills to pay to better themselves, yet again Cameron and Co are condemning those unlucky enough not to be born with a silver spoon on their mouths to dark days ahead. Gordon Marsden, Labour’s spokesman on further education and skills, said of the proposals, “Adult further education is rightly viewed as a key lever of social mobility, by giving people who missed out first time around a second chance to gain qualifications.” No doubt Dave would prefer us to remain uninspired, unqualified and where we are. Minimum wage fodder deemed fit only for covering bankers criminal activities with our taxes.

Is there anything these ruling classes of ours can do that won’t make me despair? Is it really the right and proper way to conduct a society. Hasty to judge the young, the aspirational, the unemployed, the disabled, the sick and those desiring an education, not so hasty when it comes to criminal bankers. Its not just about the economy stupid, its about our futures. All of us.

150,000 will lose right to an adult education in The Independent