Brighton and Hove Pride 2012: More please!!

Every year I promise I’ll take more pictures next time. I never do. I get caught up in the moment, okay the 72 hour long moment, and forget. Too busy playing tunes, hugging the longtime no see dolls and running from venue to venue, party to party trying to remember to eat something. Yes Brighton Pride. The one weekend that seems to last longer than any other and yet is gone in a blink of an eye. A sequinned, glitter dusted eye.

The parties were epic from the glory of playing deep house to an Audio filled with the expectant (and two newly wed dwarfs from the telly) on the Friday to a small stint under canvas on a park we once pink picnic-ed on. Was it really 21 years ago this all started?

Saturday 3pm and sleep was a long lost friend as me and the missus tried to recover from a gig gone good to cat gone to heaven (RIP Mr Mo). But my bleary eyes soon lit up with the passion of a full Wild Fruit tent and as I knocked out some of my favourite tunes of all time (How can you not Feel Love and have Big Fun with 77 Strings Of Life?) my grin was huge. Local debutees Lil Alex and King K did us proud indeed whilst Duffie puffed my chest out with rocking casbah pride and Pitron, Fatboy, Danger and Doyle delivered the thrills.

One cold pasta dish later and I joined Neal Lewis at Audio as he totally smashed (and no I can’t think of another word to describe that musical induced mayhem) the terrace to be followed by the genius of Duffie, Coals and Fat Tony. Downstairs our Norman did what Norman does best followed by a fired up Lee Harris all warmed up brilliantly by the deeper love of Mikalis.

Come Sunday and my ever loyal missus began what out to be be a 5 hour stint at Sunday Sundae (we don’t deserve you your majesty) whilst Tony, Mr Haywood and the talented Thomas Gandey ensured Sundae continued to live up to its legendary status. I adore Sundae and playing the last set of Pride weekend is an joy I find hard to beat on any decks I’ve known. 2012 didn’t disappoint as the dancefloor followed me on a house trip of the classic kind, tinged with disco and grooves some of us can’t believe sound that good so many, many years on. (And when you have remixes the quality of Mikalis vs Ce Ce Peniston ‘Finally’ in your bag you just know the terrace is gonna go off!) Nothing, no nothing, gets better than Sunday Sundae.

And none of it would of been possible without the wonders of my disco dears. The staff at Audio, Robbie especially, kept this lady sane and lovelingly fuelled with Bulmers and smiles, Coral and her headphone rescue act, Paul Budd and the Contraband / Horse Meat Disco / Go Bang dears, the amazing Aeon crew (Vicky, Paul Kemp, Chris, Tracey, Alistair, Mr Jepson, Chrissy), the 4am support of Sarah, the weekend long love and shoulders of Neil and Wayne and of course the missus. My wonderful glorious missus. So often under-rated (and I’m the first to admit to that sin) but always adored.

2012 has been a summer of wonder with Brighton Pride the gloriously camp cherry on top. It was eventful, amazing and delicious. Can I have more please x

PS Massive love to Ben prok – the more handsome member of the DJ duo Prok & Fitch who delivered a mini special guest slot at Sunday Sundae and put a massive something’s feeling good grin on my face (and that of a certain Mike Gorgeous!) xx

Pics by Chris Jepson, Real Brighton, Sarah Favourtizm and a ‘how does this camera work again?’ Queen Josephine