Coexist:Being as in love with The xx as I am

Its been 24 hours since the object of my devotion that is The xx dropped their second album Coexist into my system. And I am already smitten. Pregnant pauses, steel pans, perfect harmonies and enough innocence fuelled lyrics to twist any heart string. All delivered with an autumnal hum, as the summer ends and the possibilities of fireside nights and wrapped-up days lay ahead. I can’t pick a favourite yet although the yearning of lost years in Chained ‘we used to be closer than this, is it something you miss?’ is one I’ll lean on and on and on whilst Missing had me on first listen. My heart is beating in a different way indeed.

There’s even a dance to be had if you let your imagination and bassbins runs riot as Reunion and Swept Away demand a delicate yet determined groove in Jamie’s delights. Yes The xx have done it again. Sure the teenage angst is there to bare and I can’t but hark back to those Cocteau Twin days but who cares when its this good. Coexisit will become part of my days and nights and that is just how it should be. ‘No one knows me like you do. What I’ve done, you’ve done too.’ Coexist ensures I continue to cherish my connection to The xx. Thank you Romy, Oliver and Jamie.

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