Strike a pose, there’s something to it: Gay men wanted for dissertation research into club images

I’m looking for gay men of all ages to take part in my dissertation research into the imagery used in gay clubbing promotion (flyers / posters / viral videos) from the mid 1980s onwards. I’ll be exploring various aspects of how gay men are portrayed in club promotional material and your responses to it. Just how do you feel about the images used? What images do you like and which do you loathe? Do you feel represented? Do you feel your bodies fit into the commercial ideal of gay beauty? How do you cope with the pressures of looking right, of fitting in or do you say “to hell with that” and party on regardless?  Does a clubs image determine your attendance? Do you find a club that fits your image of self or do you adopt an a certain image to suit your clubbing lifestyle?

My research will take the form of an anonymous and confidential in-depth online questionnaire and will be carried out in accordance with the University of Brighton’s Code of Good Practice in Research. If you are interested in taking part please fill in the contact form below. The link to the online questionnaire will be sent to you asap. I look forward to hearing from you.

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