DJ Promo Pics: Been there, done it, bought the obligatory headphone pose

The missus and me after a visit to the make-up counter x

There are many reasons to like Not Another Corny DJ Promo Shoot. We’ve all been there. Some more than others it would seem. If you’ve ever tried to make a living as a DJ the promo pic is the bane / joy* of your working life. * delete as vanity sees fit. The interview and profile comes calling and you need a pic. There’s only so much you can do with a pair of headphones. Only so many places, poses and plonker type expressions you can go for. I’m as guilty as any other deck kid. Hiding behind the wife as I’m tweaked, squirming at the idea of make over or, worst of all, cracking out a false smile. Yes the photographers and graphic designers that get hold of us do the best they can and we love them for it – honest – but I just wish I’d of thought of the robot mask way before Daft Punk did. My moody look just looks, well, fucking miserable and my happy smile mildly psychotic. My answer. Stay away from the lens and if they really do insist, hide behind the missus. She hides a multitude of shy sins. So heres to long shots of a moody Wildblood in the background with the missus upfront and glorious. Just as it should be.

PS. Thanks to the ever trying photographers who’ve tried to make me work it for the camera, I do appreciate it honest. I’ll start attending smiling classes forthwith. And thank you for not making me carry a mixer, two decks and an amp down to the beach x

Queenie in her usual shy and retiring pose (and obligatory urban graffiti background)