Celebrating the good light this Xmas

Screen shot 2012-12-13 at 17.19.46

Okay so outwardly I’m a bah humbug kind of girl. I even have the hat. Xmas. Nowt but an over commercialised, festival of gluttony, forced on the masses who can ill afford the shiny parcels at 29.9% APR. But inwardly I want the light. Our festival of winter celebration regardless of religion, budget or status. I’ll embrace the joy, the cheap Xmas tree, the paper chains, the dodgy Aldi biscuits and the pound shop crackers. I’ll revel in the missus as she pickles, bakes and mince meats her way towards the big day and I’ll even play the in-laws version of charades although I still don’t get the “rhubarb rhubarb” rules. I’ll gather round the loved one’s open fires, blessed that another year has past safe and sound and I’ll consume own brand Baileys in the forlorn hope the hangover won’t be as bad as the last one. I’ll spend hours on a motorway just to swap gifts, watch the ever perfect Good Life Xmas Special and I’ll eat my weight in sugared almonds cos no-one can think of anything else to buy a lass who can’t eat chocolate. And I’ll be thankful. Another year almost at an end. Another year beside my missus that no flood, pet dramas, endless kitchen installation, white good exploding, ear chopped off disco horror could of ruined.

And so we’ll raid our loft and dec our tree, hang those lights and play our favoured Xmas tunes with grins, thankful for our charmed life. As a certain Ms Thorn put it “its because of the dark, you see beauty in the spark’. Now where did I put that inflatable reindeer?

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