Queen Josephine’s New Years Honour List!

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Its that time of year when we bow down before her Royal Highness Queen Josephine and each wonder how on earth a lesbian could be so camp. And its the time of year when HRH dolls out her New Years Honours list. (Well if her madge can hand out gongs to the olympians why can’t my missus hand out a few disco balls.)

Queenie’s honours system recognises people who’ve made great achievements in disco life and the people who’ve committed themselves to keeping our lives glorious. They will usually have made life better for other people or been outstanding at what they do, be it 6pm or 5am. People get honours for achievements like: making a difference to their community or field of work, being the one who volunteers to go to the offie or takes on the Walk Of Shame so others can continue the party, for enhancing us homo’s reputation, for long-term services to the disco, for innovation and entrepreneurship in outfits and dancing, displaying moral courage and vision in making and delivering tough choices be it what to wear, where to party or choosing the correct bow tie. So here we go. Queenie’s New Years Honours. Enjoy x

Companion of Disco Wonder
This year there are two disco wonders. First goes to the ever fabulous and constantly hard working Paul Kemp. Brighton Pride was complete thanx to the return of the Wild Fruit dance tent – and we haven’t stopped smiling since. Kempy we salute you. And we also salute the disco services of Mr AJ Makeupman. Never has one man made Brighton’s disco balls shine so bright. Brighton wouldn’t be Brighton without ya Mister.
Arise Dame’s Duffie and Connell. Disco life would not be the same without you, your grins and your love.
Commander of the Order of the Brighton Disco (CBD)
To the boys and girls at Audio for their unfailing support and service to our Bulmers need. To Affy for services to dancing. To Mikalis for services to the remix (proud of you!) and to Mister Barker for services to Eurovision, rare disco and right proper basslines. To Gary Forde for services to Warhol like haircuts and to Vicky for her enduring and constant love of all things jedi.
Officer of the Order of the Brighton Disco (OBD)
To all the DJs who have delivered some of our fav moments of 2012 including Martyn Savage, Zabiela, Charles Green, Hifi Sean, Paul Coals, King K, Lil Alex, Jeffery, Hollie, Paul Budd, Go Bang!, Guy ‘handsomer by the day’ Williams, Horse Meat Disco, Thomas Gandey, Maxxi Soundsystem, The Cube boys, Lee Harris, Hoxton Whores, Pete Hayward, Jonny Cade and the many other beat boys and girls who made us sweat, shiver and lose it on Brighton’s dancefloors.
Member of the Order of the Postcard (MBP)
To Harriet, Nathan, Jodie, Abby and Rhys. We did it.
Member of the Order of the Eye and Mind (MBEM)
To everyone in room 102 trying to work out what the hell they are talking about.
DSD Emergency Response Medal (DERM)
To everyone at DSD, OhSo and the NHS who picked up Queenie and helped put her (and her ear) back together again.

Arise wonderful Brighton. You are officially wonderful!