Queenie’s Gscene Wonders March 2013


Well my little mad hares, March comes springing forth with many budding stems of beauty. So without further ado, lets bounce on with this month’s albums. For starters let’s push open the windows and let the sun shine in with something deep, soulful, jazzy and funky from Australian duo Yogi and Husky (aka Random Soul). Random Soul Live For The Moment on Random Soul Recordings showcases wonderful vocal performances from the likes of Chuck Love and Natalie Conway alongside the aforementioned Yogi, and with sounds as lush as these any wintry blues you may have been feeling will simply melt away.

Next up, Various Artists Traxx – The House That Garage Built on Needwant positively seduces, with dirty basslines manipulating their way into your soul and leaving you breathless with each track. Standouts are difficult to judge as this is so monstrously good, though an album kicking off with Huxley lets you know it’s going to be one hell of a ride.Another compilation to deeply woo is Maquina Music Nu School Deep House 2013 by various artists on Maquina Music. This gem is so stuffed full of decadent underground grooves that it should require a government health warning. Gor-ge-ous! And whilst I’m banging on about compendiums here’s another. Mixed by Subb-an, Rebel Raves on the excellent Crosstown Rebels label not only features one of my absolute favourites (Jamie Jones) but also poses the question I’ve asked about the Subb-an’s for some time. How DO they get their kick drums sounding so bloody amazing???? Crimea X, aka DJ Rocca and Jukka Reverberi, turn the dark side of house very space-age with their new release Another on Hell Yeah Recordings. Loads of clattery, echoing beats rattling around with stabbing synth swirls, perfect for getting your head in the clouds to. On a dance floor in heaven, obviously.

Finally, some laid back jazz, hip hop and breakbeats brought right up to date with Around 7’s glorious Back To Basics on Robsoul Jazz. Feels good on a Sunday afternoon with it’s old school feel, but them rough drum samples can kick you up the arse on a Saturday night too. Delicious!

Catch Wildblood & Queenie at DSD, on Sauce FM, Radio Reverb and Mixcloud. And Kate may still be in the library!

March 12 Inches
Tony Barbato 1961 Favouritizm

A blazing slice of deep vocal house, commemorating a year before I was born. Historically stupendous!
Dot Colour Series Purple EP Flumo Records
Duky’s Hibigeebies is so beautiful and sparse it makes me want to cry with joy.
Jae Elle Talking Sexy Must Have Music
Oooh Jae Elle, you’re a tipsy one with your champagne bubbles and everything. Can I be your dj?
Est8 and Emily Cook Liftin Me High Duffnote
Gorgeously fluffy…Spiritchaser dub lifts everything up even higher.
Haldo & Fabrizio Marra ft Stephanie Cooke Move Your Body Rebus
Highly seductive dancefloor soul in a fabulously eclectic variety of guises. Check out Dj E-Rio’s mix for starters.
Pete Dafeet Falling Off EP Lost My Dog
Throbbing rumbling bass-lines with a beast of a kick!
Alci Early Beginnings Part 1 Robsoul
Funky, looped, heads down jackin’ house. Some Snitches does it for me every time.
James Welsh Craven EP Futureboogie
The jazzy deep house groove of King Edward Street featuring Terri Walker’s great vocal stands out.
Kruse & Neurnberg Let’s Call It A Day Remixes Lazy Days
Wolf & Lamb, Fred Everything and Mario Basanov on remix duties ensure top quality across the board.
Wighty Crack House EP MUM
Three exceptional tech house stormers. Pumpin’ brilliant!