Queenie’s May Wonders: Up Yours, Manetti, Gandey, Finotello, Jaydee and more

Well my darlings, it seems there is plenty to get all hot and bothered about on the music front this month. So please, join me in dancing round the maypole to these fabulously fresh springtime wonders.
Firstly we have Jimpster’s Porchlight and Rockingchairs on Freerange. Late night dubbed up deep house and bass heavy down-tempo hold hands with each other on this warm and soul tinged album. Definitely one to lift the spirits – plus it’s got a lovely dog (I think) on the sleeve. Secondly it’s the quite magnificent Electronic Youth with their Artist Series Volume 8 on Maquina Music. Every track is a winner in this the most quintessential collection of their discography so far, though I See You, Me & U, Soul Speaker and Don’t You Know are so good you’ll be clambering to the top of that maypole rather than just skipping about round the bottom.

Next comes Noschool by Ekkohaus on Moon Harbour, which really has something to please everyone. From the romantic jazzy sax of the opener A Drive via a whole heap of contrasting musical textures and lush melodies, there’s still enough deep house – particularly on Reparations – to keep them arses wiggling. I’d also suggest getting all wriggly with master of sonic loveliness Mathew Jonson’s His Blurry Pictures on the Crosstown Rebels label. Intriguing rhythms and enough sub-sonic booms to please your woofers and tweeters. And (hopefully) piss off the neighbours.

Then throw open the windows to let Defected’s For The Love Of House Volume One flood it’s thirty glorious classic tracks through the air. Joe Smooth, Mr Fingers and Everything But The Girl are all here, but best of all for this old queen is the inclusion of Kerri Chandler’s Bar a Thym, which has got to be one of house’s finest moments. Simply fabulous! Also don’t miss out on Slave To The Music – Radio Slave’s remix of Balance 023 on Balance Music. Comprising of two separate cd’s, number 1, entitled White Skies, showcases the Slave’s distinctive, chugging tech house and features Nina Kravitz and Larry Heard amongst others whilst disc 2, Maestros and Memories is more down-tempo and experimental and includes appearances by Herbie Hancock and Ryuchi Sakamoto. Thoroughly recommended!

Finally there is a froth of excitement lathering itself across Wildblood-Bourne towers, as the anticipation gathers momentum for the imminent release of Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories. Featuring Pharrell, Nile Rodgers and Giorgio Moroder it’s promising to be the album of the summer and certain to be on permanent rewind. We cannot wait!!!!!

Catch Queenie on Sauce FM and DSD. And yes….Kate’s still in the library.

May Twelve Inches
Up Yours London(ft Feral Is Kinky) Get Up Recordings
It’s Hifi Sean and Severino and it’s foot-stompingly brilliant.
Michelle Manetti Give It Up (Ruben & Ra’s Paw To The Floor Dub) Futurism
A dark little beauty, much like the marvellous Ms Manetti!
Ludowick Get It Off (Moodymanc Mix) 22 Digit
If you believe in love please get it on. Naughty naughty.
Ruefus Help Is On The Way (Electronic Youth Dub) Sexy Trash
Too deeply delicious for words!
Aquarius Heaven Parallela Mundi EP Circus Company
Slow Love ft Miss Kittin stands out sexily.
Thomas Gandey & Zeb Wayne Breathe Nervous
A massive house gem – with Thomas on vocals!!!!
Daft Punk Get Lucky Columbia
Gorgeous in every way.
Marco Finotello ft Sandy Spady Get Carried Away Favouritism
Such perfect heartfelt soulfulness…..summer’s a-comin’.
Eddie Krystal Mayan Groove EP MUM
Pumping basslines to get you jumping.
Jaydee Pulsate/Payback Ellum Audio
Maceo Plex on Payback remix duty. Job done!