Gscene DJ Profile: The most regal Queen Josephine

What can we say about Queen Josephine that hasn’t been said already? She is one of Brighton’s finest and about to celebrate 50 glorious, golden and very camp years. As she heads towards her summer of jubilee celebrations, well a queen likes a good party, Gscene caught up with her majesty to chat tunes, celebrations and sky diving with bears. As you do.

What was the first piece of vinyl you ever placed a stylus on?
Mum and dad let me have their Dansette in my bedroom when I was eight as they had progressed onto a stereogramme-doubling-up-as-a-sideboard in the lounge. The first thing I played was ‘Rockin’ Robin’ by the Jackson 5, my first single purchase (45p). I’m sure the neighbours were delighted as I sang along at the top of my voice whilst bouncing off the walls, over and over again!
If you could DJ with absolutely anyone (non-dj) who would it be and why?
The Queen. We could share headphones and crowns!
Why Brighton?
I came down for an interview at Brighton Poly in 1982 and the first thing I saw were two women holding hands along the sunny seafront. It was love at first sight.
Disco or techno?
Disco. Loved it from day one. And besides, Dirty Sunset Techno just doesn’t sound right.
Deep or dirty?
Deep AND dirty thanks.
Strings or bass?
At the risk of annoying the missus….bass. I had my trousers shaken at many blues parties in my teens so think it’s in my blood!
Cat or dog?
Pussy of course.
Gig that made you grin the most?
I’ve been lucky enough to play at some very special parties with some very special people including the Wild Fruit Tent, DSD and Sunday Sundae on Pride weekends. But I still get all tingly when I remember Charles Street, one Pride Saturday night, playing on the terrace for about 6 hours (should’ve been 2) to the most fabulous, happy people who loved everything. People were dancing on top of the bus-stop!
If you had to describe yourself in three words what would be they be?
I’m Still Thirty.
If your friends had to describe you in three words what would they be?
Funny Little Thing.
Tell us you Golden Jubilee year plans
I’ll be having my ‘official’ Golden Jubilee party at DSD on 16th August complete with Queens theme, so please come and join me and the crew for a gorgeous night of housey magic. My missus Wildblood & I will be celebrating our 20th anniversary this year too, so there will be lots of cake and carousing throughout the summer and we’re also starting up our Home Service show on Sauce FM in June. Oh, and I’ll be jumping out of a plane with Bear Patrol in aid of the Sussex Beacon on 6th July… a queen does. All sponsorship and support greatly appreciated

Queenie’s Golden Jubilee Wonders of all time.
1. Donna Summer I Feel Love Casablanca.
Nothing else comes close.
2. Hamilton Bohannan Disco Stomp Dakar.
Chugga chugga genius. And without this there wouldn’t have been How Soon Is Now by the Smiths .
3. Scritti Politti The Sweetest Girl Rough Trade.
Timeless swoon-worthy wonder.
4. Dr Kucho Lies To Yourself Work.
AJ’s inspiration for DSD. When that bass kicks in, all’s well with the world!
5. Third World Cool Meditation Island.
Gorgeous desert island reggae.

Catch Queenie at DSD @ Ohso, fortnightly Fridays from May 24th and at Brighton Pride, Wild Fruit, Rebel, Radio Reverb and on Sauce FM.