Brighton & Hove Pride 2013

To paraphrase Travolta, I’ve got goosebumps and they are multiplying. A certain date is nearing and the grin is almost here. That grin you can’t wipe off your face as the streets become a parade, the park a party and the clubs a celebration. Sweat, tears and love. All in 72 hours. All because of one thing. Brighton & Hove Pride. Yep the mother of all weekends is back and I’m so chuffed to see it return in the fine form it has. With community, campaigning and true LGBT Pride at its heart.

I could blog on about the parties I’m DJing at (don’t fret that will come) and the terraces, dancefloors and tents I can’t wait to be part of but I won’t. This year its all about all of us, no individual, no corporate nonsense, no misplaced sentiment. This year its about Brighton, its LGBT community and those who work with, love and party with us. This year its about raising as much money as we can for those within our community that need something or someone to lean on in tough times and good. This year its about real Pride. Pride in Brighton. Which, regardless of the seagulls, rubbish disputes and traffic jams, is the best city I know. See you at the front, on the streets, in the park, on the terraces, on the beach, in the clubs and in that kebab shop come 6am. See you at Brighton & Hove Pride 2013.

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