Brighton Supports Russia LGBT Update

I love it when an idea comes together. Only early this week I was sat here wondering if I could do more than rant and rave about the appalling abuses taking place in Russia against its LGBT community. Only a week ago Karol Michalec agreed to help bring my idea to fruition and create some amazing artwork. And only a few days ago the wonders at Brighton & Hove Pride and Gscene came together to make it more than a homegrown wonder. Thanks to Paul Kemp, Dulcie Danger, James Ledward, Vince Laws and the generous support of Brighton & Hove’s LGBT business community, our idea will take its place on Brighton & Hove Pride’s Parade. Placards will be paraded, voices will be raised and we will stand beside our LGBT brothers and sisters in Russia.

Some have said that actions like this are too small, too local, too inconsequential. But history has shown us it just takes one voice to join another (then another and then another) to make a noise. And if we can make that noise loud enough it will make a difference. Pictures of our support will be seen by those under Putin’s cosh and it will give them some hope. That they are not forgotten. That they are not alone. History has shown us that every cause, every change, has to start somewhere.  History has shown us what happens if we stand by in silence. I can’t do that. I won’t do that and I’m proud that so many in this fabulous city of ours have said they too won’t do that. Russian LGBT voices may have been silenced but ours have not. Its time to make some noise!

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