Queenie’s DJ Profile: Alex Baker


Well my little dancing cherubs, the nights may be starting to get a little longer now that almost September’s upon us, but with an Indian summer forecast those balmy dark hours mean more time on the dancefloor. And who better to work up a late seasonal sweat with than Mr Revenge himself? So, get those boogie shoes on everyone because it’s time for a bit of dj action as Queen Josephine talks top tunes, fantasy gigs and even gets a philosophical thought from the lovely Alex Baker.

Where can we see or hear you playing? You can catch me at Club Revenge on Tuesdays and Saturdays and also on the occasional Thursday!

Please describe your djing style. Crowd pleasing good times – I guess it depends where I am, but on the Revenge main floor it’s all about playing those big tracks that everyone wants to hear. But I try to keep the crowd on their toes by throwing in the odd curveball that they haven’t heard for ages.

What’s your favourite song of all time? Marvin Gaye’s I Heard It Through The Grapevine

Which tune always fills up or rescues your dancefloor? 212 by Azaelia Banks (though a little part of me dies every time someone asks for it these days!)

What would be your ultimate dream gig (no holds barred!!!)? I always wanted to play Heaven when I was younger. Such a lot has changed on the London scene now, but it’s still such an iconic club with an amazing heritage.

Name a tune you wish you’d never played and why! I don’t regret playing anything. As someone (I can’t remember who) once said to me, “it’s not brain surgery, if you get it wrong, nobody dies”. If a DJ never gets something wrong, it means they’ve never taken a risk, so will probably get stale quite quickly.

What’s your guilty pleasure? The Macarena.

What’s been your best ever gig? It’s got to be Revenge. I think it must be about five years since I started here so it’s sort of become a little part of me!

Tell us a secret! I ain’t no gossip!

Alex Baker’s September Wonders

Miley Cyrus We Can’t Stop RCA

Breach Jack Dirtybird Records

One Direction Best Song Ever Syco . Columbia

Ellie Goulding Burn Polydor

Rudimental ft Foxes Right Here Asylum Records

Get yourselves down to Revenge, Brighton to hear Alex on Tuesdays, Saturdays and the occasional Thursday. And try not to ask for Azaelia Banks!!!!!




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