I love it when an idea comes together


When I sat at my desk pondering how a post-dissertation, skint graduate could make a noise about the appalling legislation destroying LGBT lives in Russia, little did I think my desire to find a artist to design me a t-shirt to wear as I DJ’d at my favourite Brighton Pride gig would become the wonderous event that it did. Boy did Brighton embrace the fire in my belly and I will forever be grateful and amazed at the response to Brighton Supports LGBT Russia. From blog to street in less than a week. Amazing. Every little really does help. So here’s a massive thanks to Karol Michalec for making it a visual reality, to James Brooks for the inspiration, to Gscenes’ James Ledward, Paul Kemp and the Brighton & Hove Pride team for ensuring our Parade had campaigning clout, to Vince Laws and Kat Harding for their Banned brilliance and to each and every LGBT business and organisation and proud parade participant that supported, funded, displayed and marched with our placards.  And finally to Pride Uganda who’s bravery and defiance inspired me to ensure a placard ain’t just for Pride weekends.

Of course once a fire is lit the burning has to continue. More campaigning, more defiance, more solidarity and more queer love is coming your way. A new Facebook page Brighton Supports LGBT Russia will be our small beginning as Karol, James and I begin to gather the like-minded, the furious and the determined and say nyet to global homophobia. Where we take it next is up to you. But believe me when I say its gonna be loud, visual and very, well, Brighton. This city of mine proved over Pride weekend it can and will stand beside those who are being persecuted, bullied, attacked and marginalised.  Here’s to ensuring others across the globe feel the fire in our belly as we stand beside them and say no more.

Join us at Brighton Supports LGBT Russia for more info including London demo info, campaigning and fundraising events

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