Love Always Wins

Screenshot 2013-11-05 17.29.19
I love my sofa sport. I love the thrills, the spills, the sudden expertise that a week of watching gymnastics can impart on a soul. And I’ve always loved the Winter Olympics. There’s nowt like curling up to some camp as tits ice skating at 3am to warm up the dark months. But come 2014 I will be avoiding the Sochi Winter Olympics. I’ll give up the skis, the salem, the curling, that thing where they race down the ice in a contraption smaller than my bath tub. I’ll stop supporting and keep on petitioning Coca-Cola, GE, Macdonalds, Omega, AeroFlot, Procter & Gamble, Samsung and Panasonic to remove their sponsorship. Because I will not be part of a celebration of sport in a country where my kind are discriminated against, bullied, tortured and killed.

There should be no LGBT fear in a 21st century democracy. There should be no hate. And until the IOC and each and every Sochi 2014 sponsor rethink their presence in Russia next winter I’ll be Olympic sport free. And if this inhumane situation that LGBT Russians find themselves living through continues that’s my World Cup 2018 enjoy out of the window. Here’s hoping FIFA have the balls to ensure the future can be bright. Because equality is a human right and its time to demand Russia plays by the rules of decent society. Sorry girls, but curlings off the menu this winter.