Queenie meets Lil Alex and talks Gaydio, wompy basslines and his naughty secret


IMG_0394Them mad March hares are about to start leaping about ladies and gentlemen and I’m suggesting you’ll be doing exactly the same once you’ve spent a mere moment of your time in the company of lovely DJ Lil Alex! Whether it’s on the radio or in front of the dancefloor, here’s a fella who just loves to move your dancing feet. I caught up with him to talk tunes, production dreams and errrrr, cheddar in the microwave……

Where can we see/hear you playing? My most exciting gig at the moment is on Gaydio every Friday with Jonesy from 8-10pm. It’s exciting because, audience wise, it’s one of the biggest gigs you can get in the world when it comes to gay scene DJing – 850,000 listeners a month! You can also find me every Saturday night playing an after-hours set at The Bulldog in Brighton (3-7am), plus regular slots at Charles Street Saturdays. I’m also resident DJ for Wild Fruit.

Please describe your djing style. I always describe my style as ‘party house’. It’s four-to-the-floor 128bpm dance music, but twists and turns whenever my attention span runs out. I’m playing a lot of deeper funky house at the moment in line with current trends – Disclosure are really doing it for me along with the bassline movement they’re riding.

What’s your favourite song of all time? Impossible question! Last time Gscene asked me about my favourite tracks I think I went off on one about my love for Sister Act 2, Rage Against The Machine and Les Miserables, so let’s keep it housey this time… Delerium Silence.

Which tune always fills up/rescues your dancefloor? I’ve got this great remix of Mojo’s Lady by a producer called CorruptT that’s got a really thick ‘wompy’ bassline – classic but current, my favourite mix.

What would be your ultimate dream gig (no holds barred!!!)? I dream of playing festivals, but I really need to focus on producing if that’s ever going to happen. Tomorrowland, Sensation White, Snowbombing? Yes please.

Name a tune you wish you’d never played and why! I was in a club in Portsmouth getting hassled non-stop for some Justin Bieber – clearly not anything I would carry. They were really persistent so I YouTubed something on my phone which looked appropriate (I vaguely recognised the remixer) and plugged it into the desk. Not only was I playing Justin Beiber but it turned out to be a horrific mix with hardly any of the vocals. Dancefloor cleared, credibility ruined.

What’s your guilty pleasure? I like melting cheddar in the microwave until it’s burnt – it gets all salty and oily. Try it!

What’s been your best ever gig? That’s easy! I once played in the unisex toilet of a nightclub back-to-back with my best mate DJ Lee Jefferys. They had decks set up opposite the urinals. It was hectic, people dancing in the sinks and falling into cubicles – a great memory.

Tell us a secret! When I was in primary school I found a dirty magazine and sold torn-out pages of it for 20p each. I think that was the first and last time I saw a ladies front bottom!

 Lil Alex’s March Top Five

  • Disclosure ft. Mary J Blige F For You Universal Island Records
  • Dansson & Marlon Hoffstadt Shake That (Tom Staar mix) Play It Down
  • Mary G. ft Ricardo Munoz You & I (Bodybangers remix) Pulsive
  • Merk & Kremont vs Toby Green ft. Lenny Kravitz  Are You Gonna Go My Way Whitelabel
  • Neon Jungle Braveheart (Patrick Hagenaar Colour Code remix) Sony Music

Find DJ Lil Alex on Facebook and every Friday 8pm-10pm on Gaydio with Jonesy.