Madonna puts apparently meaningful words in a line to sell skincare


Oh Madonna, Madonna, Madonna, Madonna. What are you like? Flogging me a skin product that appears to only work if one can parade around life solely shot in black and white by some hip film director isn’t your greatest moment. A parody-like ad even the most famous of undie floggers wouldn’t have sunk to, all it induces in me is the desire to not cuff you but gag you. It’s not the debate about age appropriateness or the endless Gaga Vs. Beyonce Vs. Madge battles, its the talk. Please for the love of god stop talking. Putting words in a line, together, all moody like, does not count as enlightenment. Let the serum you’ve been working on for hours, days, months do the selling instead. Oh yeah, hang on, your surgeon is your serum.

I do love you Madge, you’ve soundtracked some of my finest hours but really, this is too much. Not that’d I’d fit in your previous commercial ventures – oh the chaff of those lacy black smalls – but this latest Madonna adventure has me wanting only one thing. Whatever parody of this parody-like ad Charlie Hides TV produces.