Twelve Inches. For Frankie Knuckles. For Us. For The Love.


Like all good things Twelve Inches just kinda evolved. Struck by the loss the godfather, fuelled by memories of love on the dancefloor. And handmade with (Wildblood) love, glue and an awful lot of scissor action.

Twelve Inches reflects upon my life in the club world, a queer journey where finding dancefloors becomes finding self. Utilising my own photographs taken throughout my years on the scene as both DJ and clubber, Twelve Inches celebrates the love and the family I found there. Some friendships changed my life, others have long since drifted apart as life, love and disco politics changed our paths but all have altered my life on the dancefloor. Each person represented means something to me, from a life long commitment to the most fleeting of random dancefloor moments. They all matter.

As does the music. As does Frankie Knuckles. The godfather of house soundtracked so many of my formative nights. His tunes sang of freedom whilst we struggled with criminalisation and discrimination, they sang of love when equality finally came and today they give us belief. Belief that the dancefloor I cherish and the community we’ve made there can march on, can strike a pose for equality and stand beside the global LGBT community as they fight for the freedom to live. We’ve got the love to see us through.

Twelve Inches. For Frankie Knuckles. For Us. For The Love. 12″ x 12″. Collage. Framed. £175.00

Twelve Inches is part of the Underground Open House Movement : Brighton Festival 2014 Open House at Velvet Tattoo, Norfolk Square, Western Road, Brighton.  Every Sunday in May. 11am-5pm. More info on Facebook or at


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