Queen Josephine’s Brighton Pride 2014 Weather Forecast


Queen Josephine’s Brighton Pride Weather Forecast 2014. Brought to you by that Wildblood, Queenie, Pritt Stick, gaffa, Mandi’s golden lamé, poster paints, glitter and some shite what we got off eBay. Filmed in Campicolor.


Catch Queenie and Wildblood doing their proud thing at HAW (With Fashion), DSD, Wild Fruit & Calabash tent @ Brighton Pride Festival, Wild Fruit at Audio, BPLW Secret Garden Party and Sunday Sundae. For tickets and more info here.

We get to do this camp nonsense because we don’t live in one of the 82 countries where homosexuality is criminalised. There but for the grace of location go we. #freedomtolive

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