Wildblood + Queenie’s Home Service is here (almost)

Home-Service-large-After way too much late night chat, some intensive training, hardcore track selecting and a little cajoling of our nearest and dearest fellow deckhands and club kids, Queen Josephine and I, Brighton’s most buxom DJ benders, are proud to announce the sound beginnings of Wildblood & Queenie’s Home Service. Tune in and let us take you on a delicious aural ride of all things house, disco, queer-tech, electronica and regal each and every month on Brighton’s award-winning community radio station Radio Reverb 97.2FM

Wildblood & Queenie’s Home Service will be a celebration of the beats that make our souls grin with upfront album cuts, must hear new singles, charming disco edits, not-so-guilty pleasures, crackling vinyl joys and classic club wonders delivering a suitably Brighton fabulous soundtrack. Add guest DJ mini mixes, 12 inches of Strike A Brighton Pose history from some of the city’s most legendary of club nights, live jingles (yes live jingles!), Wildblood & Queenie’s Gscene Wonders, competitions, must-wiggle club night recommendations, the odd recipe of the month and, yes, plenty of Queenie’s camp bits, and you can expect an hour of broadcasting unlike any other.

Wildblood & Queenie’s Home Service will be broadcast live once a month and repeated weekly on Radio Reverb. The show will also be available as a monthly podcast on Mixcloud and iTunes. To find out more and to partake in the show follow us on Twitter or Facebook. Queenie expects. Well she would, wouldn’t she.

Radio Reverb is a rather fabulous, community run, non-profit organisation – one we are so chuffed to be asked to be part of but to make a radio station such as Reverb happen we need you. Your support and your donations and sponsorship. For details on how you can sponsor Wildblood & Queenie’s Home Service from as little as £10 a month click here.

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