BMC 2022 Gscene review

I went to Brighton Music Conference 2022. I loved it. I wrote about it. Yep, that’s all you need to know about one of Brighton’s best weekends. But if you really need to know more then head over to Gscene Magazine for an informative and slightly loved-up review influenced heavily by spending too much time in The Love Bug gawping at Brighton’s favourite old dear … Continue reading BMC 2022 Gscene review

Gscene : Spotlight on Queen Josephine

Gscene cover artist (and DJ, cartoonist, radio presenter and vocalist) takes a break from her busy lockdown life to give an insight into her world with Jaq Bayles asking the questions and Queenie providing the camp answers. Can you tell us what a typical week looked like for you before lockdown and what it looks like now? I’m a care worker at a respite home for … Continue reading Gscene : Spotlight on Queen Josephine

Queenie’s Gscene Cover Stars

It’s been an odd kind of lockdown with social distancing ensuring the way we work has changed for the foreseeable. But it has it’s moments of unforeseen opportunities as this month’s Gscene Magazine cover proved. Due to the lack of a COVID-19 safe photography option at the time Queenie was commissioned to produce an illustration for their June 2020 issue theme Intersectionality in our Communities. … Continue reading Queenie’s Gscene Cover Stars

Gscene: Scene From The Sofa

Graham Robson from Brighton’s Gscene Magazine asked us to join him for a virtual catch up on his virtual sofa. How could we say no? Hey, how’s it going? You’ve been quite busy online. Give us the lowdown in a nutshell… K:  We’re doing just what you’d expect two old lady DJs would do during a global crisis. Staying camp and carrying on. We’ve Gaffa-taped … Continue reading Gscene: Scene From The Sofa

Gscene Wonders April 2020

Whatever life is throwing at you there’s nothing that can’t be fixed by a decent bassline and a right proper wiggle. And so it is with our April Wonders, a selection of sweet grooves that will bring the smile, whatever the day or night may bring. So however you choose to escape this April make sure you add these 12”s of joy to your life’s … Continue reading Gscene Wonders April 2020

Wildblood and Queenie’s Majestic March Wonders

With spring just round the corner and the buds about the burst it seems only fitting that we soundtrack the coming sunshine with tracks of the delightful disposition. Play loud, play proud and lets bring the winter blues to a sound end. Sleazy McQueen & Terry Grant Daikaya Let’s Play House A saucy sizzler that will keep you warmer than any pair of mittens. Girls … Continue reading Wildblood and Queenie’s Majestic March Wonders

Wildblood + Queenie’s Gscene Wonders 0220

And so we continue, heading into 2020 via the month of love. Which is all good with us as we just love what these wonders of disco infused grooves and must hear house are doing to us. Nothing keeps the soul motivated and banish the winter blues like a shaking that fine booty to tunes this fine. See you at the front. Frank Virgilio Donde … Continue reading Wildblood + Queenie’s Gscene Wonders 0220

A Wildblood tribute for James Ledward

Finding the words for the man who always found space for mine isn’t easy. Finding the words for a man who always entertained mine, no matter what the subject, daydream or occasional rant, isn’t what I ever wanted to do. But here I am, with you, paying tribute to James Ledward. The scaffold for so much of my writing and campaigning life, the foundations for … Continue reading A Wildblood tribute for James Ledward

When Queenie met DJ Hard Femme

That festive season is officially upon us once again just in case you hadn’t realised, so obviously there is set to be much merrymaking and seasonal joy incoming. Rather marvellously Queer Prom will be returning to Brighton this December, making yuletide gay with a no doubt fabulous Camp Christmas Special. This month, Queenie caught up with the glorious DJ Hard Femme who will be providing part … Continue reading When Queenie met DJ Hard Femme

Wildblood and Queenie’s Wonders of 2019

  Wow. What a oh so sound year. Every step we’ve taken has been one filled with a soundtrack so good the dance just had to be had. Be it on 1BTN or in Brighton’s many clubs, venues, Wildblood’s 50th celebrations, or of course the glory that was Brighton Pride 2019, this has been a year of perfect BPMs. BPMs that always sounded better with … Continue reading Wildblood and Queenie’s Wonders of 2019