Perfect Distractions: Nightbus


I don’t drive. Others do that for me. The missus. The train operator. The bus driver. I sit. I wait. I watch. The world goes by as I bump along and all is perfect. Only sometimes I need more than the usual suspects to plug into. Sometimes I need to drift. To wonder at the marvels around me. The night lights, the random strangers, the city that surrounds. And I have found it courtesy of Nightbus on Chris Coco Music. Music to stare at the world by. Music to make me feel like I’m in the movies – a dark, moody yet strangely uplifting one naturally. Music to make me feel like I connect.

Check it out and take a ride with Nightbus courtesy of music producer Ojan, film makers Wesley Stokes Mellor and Molly Eaglesham and DJ Chris Coco. You never know where it will take you but one thing is for sure. Like me, you’ll connect.

Various Artists Nightbus Chris Coco Music Release Date: 9th February 2015


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