Queenie’s regal music history

Queen Josephine is a right regal vocal treasure. Her majesty has been making life more majestic for the souls of Brighton since her arrival here back in the late 80s. Always first to turn up and deliver, be it with a club soundtrack, perfect lyrics or stunning vocals and harmonies, she’s a true Brighton delight. Saucy, salty and always ready to surprise. And yes, like every … Continue reading Queenie’s regal music history

Chris Coco’s Honey The Acid Test – with added Queen Josephine

You know what its like. Your missus records an acid house DIY club wonder called The Acid Test with Chris Coco back in the day. Like she does. Casually and no doubt wearing somekind of a bandana. Two decades or so later she re-records the vocal and, well, thinks nothing more of it. She’s like that, my creative queen. Fast forward to March 2018 and your … Continue reading Chris Coco’s Honey The Acid Test – with added Queen Josephine

Wildblood + Queenie’s October Gscene Wonders

Feel the spook this October as we delve into the dark nights with some delicious beats to keep your biggest pumpkin stuffed. Be it the quirky beats of Chris Coco’s mediterranean fuelled My Favourite Place (Before Sunset), the Italo, New Wave and industrial sounds of La Mverte’s The Inner Out on Her Majestys Ship or the sweet South American mysticism of Sapa Inca Delirium’s The … Continue reading Wildblood + Queenie’s October Gscene Wonders

Wildblood + Queenie’s March Gscene Wonders

So like a rabbit out of a hat spring is finally jumping up before us and we have some mighty delicious tunes to accompany the light. If you want to ease yourself sweetly into spring then Chris Coco’s sound spiritual journey of discovery that is Return To Good Karma on Chris Coco Music will satisfy with its charming daydreams of Bali. As will the bliss … Continue reading Wildblood + Queenie’s March Gscene Wonders

Wildblood & Queenie’s July Wonders

This July it’s all about the sunshine grooves (they say with fingers crossed) as we lose ourselves in some of the best beats around. Head to Cape’s My Own Jungle on Savor Music if you want you beats dubby and house fuelled, indulge yourself in the 3 part wonder that is Deepalma Ibiza 2016 on Déepalma Records for some perfect Pool Party, Beach and Afterparty delights … Continue reading Wildblood & Queenie’s July Wonders

Wildblood + Queenie’s April Gscene Wonders

As we get used to seeing that big yellow thing in the sky they call the sun, things are heating up and the tunes are getting hot. First up is the glorious melodic house of Kim Brown and Wisdom Is A Dance on Just Another Beat. Beguiling, beautiful and highly addictive, this collection of glistening chords and subtle strings will see you right. As will … Continue reading Wildblood + Queenie’s April Gscene Wonders

Wildblood + Queenie’s February Wonders

Love is in the air, everywhere we look around, which can be interesting if you’re in Morrisons. But thankfully to see us through those moments of loved up madness we have a soundtrack of February wonders that will keep your heart pumping with love. First up is the melodic loveliness of Concubine and the perfectly titled album, er, Concubine on, er, Concubine. Brought to you … Continue reading Wildblood + Queenie’s February Wonders

Perfect Distractions: Nightbus

I don’t drive. Others do that for me. The missus. The train operator. The bus driver. I sit. I wait. I watch. The world goes by as I bump along and all is perfect. Only sometimes I need more than the usual suspects to plug into. Sometimes I need to drift. To wonder at the marvels around me. The night lights, the random strangers, the … Continue reading Perfect Distractions: Nightbus

Wildblood and Queenie’s July Wonders

July is always about the build-up. Brighton Pride is on its way and we are getting very, very excited. But whilst the deadlines and the glitter and the sequins beckon we need a little sound distraction. And so here are this month’s Wildblood and Queenie Wonders. First up are two Chris Coco offerings. Well it is summer and you can’t be all Balearic without some … Continue reading Wildblood and Queenie’s July Wonders