Queen Josephine’s Ouch House 200 at Duke Of Norfolk Brighton Pride fundraiser

Ouch House 200 Preview by Queen Josephine July 2015A Queen will always rise again after a fall. No matter how Ouchy that fall maybe. Boxing Day 2013 and my Queenie, DJ, RadioReverb presenter, camp gay man trapped in a lesbians body (but oh what a cute body) is involved in a horrible, terrible accident. Not good. A Boxing Day fall and not an egg nog to blame or Babysham in sight.  She ends up hospital with a fractured skull, broken elbow and her writing arm shattered in eight places. Little was going to raise her spirits as she lay recovering in the Royal Sussex County Hospital. Except perhaps pen and paper.

Queen Josephine Ouch Decmeber 2013Resurrecting her love of cartooning Queen Josephine began chronicling her long recovery from surgery with the cartoon strip Ouch House Diaries. Left handed scribbles became right handed drawn delights as she used honesty and humour to deal with the trails, tribulations and occasional humiliations of her sick bed. (Lets not mentioned the glamour of bathing dressed in bin bags shall we?)

First Ouch house entryAided and abetted by her two feline nurses Madge and Hubbell and partner-in-line Kate Wildblood, Queen Josephine’s adventures soon gained followers as she shared her Ouch House Diaries on social media, Tumblr and Queenie’s Strip Service in Brighton’s GScene Magazine.

To celebrate 356 days of pen and ink Queen Josephine has created Ouch House 200, an A2 cartoon featuring everyone who made it into the Ouch House Diaries. A kind of Where’s Queenie?, the Ouch House version of Where’s Wally? The Ouch House 200 will be part of the Duke Of Norfolk’s Brighton Pride fundraising Community Art Show Pride Edition exhibition alongside artists from across the city’s diverse LGBTQ community.

Supported by very generous framers ArtsWerk (thank you Tim), all profits from the sale Ouch House 200 will be donated to Brighton Pride and The Rainbow Fund for their continuing support of local LGBT charities and organisations as well as The Friends of Brighton & Hove Hospitals in recognition of the amazing support and care Queenie received from staff whilst at The Royal Sussex Hospital.

So come take a look, see if you made the Ouch House 200 and support Queenie as she supports those who supported her, who support of us when we need them. simple. Just like the pen and ink she makes our lives a little better with.

Queen Josephine’s Ouch House 200 at the Duke Of Norfolk’s Community Art Show Pride Edition and exhibition. 113-114 Western Road Brighton BN1 2AB July 25th – August 21st 2015

For more info about the Duke Of Norfolk’s Brighton Pride 2015 fundraising events click here or follow Queenie’s Strip Service on Tumblr