Get Home Serviced with DJ Meesh Mash

DJ Meesh Mash. The Brighton legend that’s a little too keen on polyester is coming to play with Home Service this May. A design heroine behind the scenes at Gscene Magazine, Meesh Mash a.k.a. Michelle Allardyce is a sparkling Belfast import we can’t wait to share the decks with.

Set to service us with disco glitter and house class this Bank Holiday Sunday at Patterns we caught up with the housewife’s number one choice and talked parties, tunes and seaside. All frisky disco like.

How did you get into DJing? I loved making my own party mix tapes and LOVED dancing so when I started working at DJ Magazine with like-minded folk it was a natural progression to get some decks and start putting on club nights with friends

Deck action? Brighton’s Shameless Hussies and Housewifes Choice with Wildblood & Queenie, the Wild Fruit back room, plus residencies at The Zanzibar, The Sidewinder Pub, Fireside Favourites @ Victoria Pub, Room 101 and Ocean Rooms with my soul twin Affy, Swing Emporium @ Komedia with my soul squirrel Tylo, plus lots of back room sessions for one off DJ Mag parties around the UK including Ministry Of Sound, Blue Note and the Hacienda.

Why Brighton? How did you get here and why have you stayed? I came over from Belfast to the art college. I love the sea, the freedom to be wild, crazy and queer. I lived in Berlin for a while which has the same creative vibe but no sea so it’s Brighton all the way for me.

Genres loved? I love to play a bit of everything, but there’s not many occasions you can get away with playing disco, soul, funk, Latin, film scores, big band swing, 1950s R&B, reggae, punk, electro, bluegrass, northern soul, drum & bass, western swing and Bollywood in one session!

What can we expect from your set at Home Service? I’m in a frisky disco mood so beware.

What are the ingredients for a perfect disco tune? Swishyness, funk, tease and a heart melting melody

Meesh Mash’s Home Service 5

India & MAW To Be In Love MAW Records

Salsoul Orchestra Getaway Salsoul Records

Teddy Pendergrass The More I Get East End Music

Donna Summer Melody Of Love Mercury

Roy Ayers / Eighties Ladies Turned Onto You Streetwave

Catch Meesh Mash at Home Service at The Sunday Social Club @ upstairs at Patterns, 10 Marine Parade, Brighton. Sunday May 1st. 6pm-midnight. Free entry.

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