Make your voice heard: register to vote today

I’m bored. Bored of the backbiting, the scaremongering, the fear, the politicking, the infighting. I usually love politics, devouring every column inch and broadcast minute but this EU referendum has left me frustrated, angry and bored. An interesting combination of feelings that should see me heading anywhere but the ballot box come the 23rd of June.

But no, I’ll be there putting pencil to paper because nobody, not a worthless mix of ambition-addicted Tories fixated on their next career move, nor a gaggle of xenophobic UKIP nomarks determined to terrify us into isolation with their racist overtones and downright lies or a lacklustre Labour leadership aimlessly leading us into decades of Conservative misrule unhedded by EU safeguards, is gonna put me off making my mark.

Because however you side, whatever politicial tribe you are or whatever age you may be, come the 23rd one thing is true. This should be a decision for everyone. So register today and have your say. Don’t let the many be drowned out by the few. Don’t let one generation speak for the many. This is a cross in the box we should all take.