Trans Pride 2016: A day to be proud of

From those excited first steps on the 2016 Trans Pride march, filled with pride and hope and joy to the hours spent in the sunshine in Brunswick Square, immersed in the wonder of our wonderful Trans community and the many amazing journeys made, it was the best of days. A day that made me so proud, once again, of my hometown as so many of us came together as a community to support Trans Pride. The hope and determination and the continuing fight for Trans equality was a sight to behold, a sight to humble and a sight that will continue to inspire me long after the suntan fades.

So thank you to the Trans Pride organisers, performers, artists, community groups, stewards (and the ladies with the fine falafels) who made Trans Pride the speakling gem that it was and delivered yet another Pride event Brighton should be so proud of. Trans Pride 2016. Trailblazers one and all, trailblazers for us all.