Queenie meets DJ Alpha

This month Queenie catches up with the fabulous deck queen and newly wed DJ Alpha.

Hello, how are you? I’m really good thanks. I’ve just come back from Vegas, Miami and Ibiza so it’s been a busy month haha.

It’s been ages since we talked so please remind us where we can catch you playing? Over the past year I have continued to play for L-Wired events Mint and Code in London. I played OHSO Social a lot this summer…. always amazing! This month I’m doing my second gig with Brighton’s newest LGBT night Rumour Has It and also at a new sexy house night for ladies in Camden called Cherry Bomb.

Are there any new projects in your life? I married my beautiful wife just over a month ago so I’m looking forward to enjoying married life… for a few months at least. But who knows what next year will bring. I’ll either be spinning decks or washing baby grows – I guess you’ll just have to wait and see.

What kind of music are you playing these days? It really depends on the event and the venue but my favourite genre to play is Deep (Vocal) House with a dirty cowbell in the mix… The line between popular and dance music has become so blurred over the past few years that when you find a dirty, sexy deep house night it soon becomes your church!!!

Always a tricky question, but what’s your favourite song of all time? Just one? Really?? Okay this one is my ‘go to’ track if the crowd needs a pick me up… Walking Down The Streets With My Nike’s On (Club Mix)’, Ron Carroll.

What’s so good about playing in Brighton? The Brighton scene is one of the best in Europe! It is fluid between the LGBT and straight community, which makes it different from other cities. Whether you want a dirty house night, a drag show or simply a ‘dance around your handbag’ night, Brighton has it all.

What would be your ultimate dream place to DJ and what’s been your favourite ever gig? DJing at Pride is always my favourite gig, with Brighton Pride being the pinnacle event. Playing to thousands of people who love the music I love is THE most euphoric feeling I’ve ever experienced – and every year it gets better and better. I recently honeymooned in Miami and got to experience a city where music never sleeps, so my dream gig would be to play on South Beach as the sun sets.

Name a tune you wish you’d never played? Oh god, there have been many. Probably the worst was playing the same track 3 times in a row! Note to all club goers – don’t distract the DJ haha!!!

Describe yourself in three words Mischievous, Ambitious, Irish

DJ Alpha’s November Five 

Jax Jones House Work Polydor

Groove Armada Superstylin (Riva Starr mix) Snatch

Leandro da Silva I Love House Music Instereo Recording

CamelPhat Make Em Dance Suara

Watermat Bullit (Shift K3Y remix) Spinnin Deep

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